Sunday, January 21, 2007

Drawing II Assingment

So my hot drawing II professor gave us awesome home work: Draw you self as a super villain. Best homework assignment ever. So I kicked a few ideas around, sex fiend who whips people into submission and get what they want through sexual prowess, complete with hooker boots, leather gloves, and a corset of course. But after I drew it it just seemed a little contrived. What girl wouldn't want to be seen as a sex-goddess/ super villain? SO , I drew another picture, this time in a space ship pointing a laser at the planet earth, about to push the little red "total destruction button".
Also, I finished my painting, Blood Lust,
you can take a look and see for yourself. To the right is a detail of the hand which, as I mentioned before, I re-worked to be more in line with the graphic quality of the face. The true colors are those depicted in the right, detail picture. The color in the full sized picture above is off because I kept getting a big shine flare from the flash of the camera and so it was taken in ambient light, which is crap. So basically, its mostly lavender and red and coblat, not orange and pink. Also, the heart took longer than I thought. It was actually a little challenging, it;s something which I would like to reference again, in a future work, more successfully. I recently heard that a bar here in Atlanta, The Highlander, is looking for new artist to have work displayed, so I think I'd like to get in touch with them to see if they would be interested in displaying this for sale. Normally I'd rather not sell it but it looks like I might not have a place to live in a few months. I heard back from the First National BFA/ BA juried exhibition in Tampa, and my Anvil Girls

were declined, along with The Farewell, some of my most successful pieces. I have to admit that I am disappointed.
I still haven't heard anything back from MINT, so I'm starting to worry that I got declined for the windows show as well, and I had a really great idea. I wont let anyone one in on it yet since it don't want to disappoint anyone in case I'm not chosen. I think I'm going to take a break from all the face images that I've been painting and work on backgrounds from classic cartoons like O'Laughlin's backgrounds in The Pink Panther. I'm really drawn to the simple use of organic shapes that represent trees and clouds and rocks. I think he used a stencil made from animation cells, and sponge painted over them and then inked in lines for representational objects. So for my next project I think I'm going to paint my neighbors house. They have the BEST concrete deer in the front yard that has always endeared me to them. Once they had this dog and it got pregnant and had puppies ( i mean come on what else would is have, kittens?) and all the puppies ended up in my back yard and I begged my dad to let me keep one. He said no, of course. The puppies grew into the UGLIEST dogs I have ever seen, they were like... chow and dalmatian or something. They were basically awkward, HUGE, and spotted black and white. Once one of them got out and was hit by a car in front of my house, and I watched them put their dog in a garbage bag and toss it in the trash heap. So much for man's best friend. So this is the house that I'm going to paint, dead dog, concrete deer and all. I'd like to have something to remember the old neighborhood by. So that's the next big painting. Today's drawing homework is to do a self portrait from the neck down. Since i don't have a full length mirror I was thinking, that maybe just this once I could draw from a picture. I have a digital camera, and I don't have money to buy a full length mirror with so I think, resources being what they are currently( nothing) it's honestly the best I can do. Unless anyone has any suggestions, not that anyone reads this anyway. But if by chance there is someone out there who has a suggestion, by all means please feel free to chime in. On a completely un-related note my dad is going to put my cat to sleep if I can't find a home for him. Does anyone want a White Persian? He's a purebred, and he's old and sweet and healthy and I don't want him to die. He's fixed and de-clawed.

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