Friday, January 26, 2007


So this week in drawing class we had to A.) draw our self portraits from the neck down. ( which by the way is the cruelest possible assignment in the world. I was also the only girl to go for the gusto and do it in my skivvies, two guys in my class went shirtless, but i was the only one nearly nude.) The professor said that it had a strong pose, and a good sense of line. The really good artist in my class said that it looked like it had attitude. Later that day we had to draw the person next to us for an hour so I drew this girl. She kind of reminds me of my friend Rebecca, who was run over by a police officer when she was 14. We were best friends.
On a lighter not I have been accepted to the University of Wales at Newport for the Honors Design for advertising program. So, school starts September 17, meaning I will be moving to another country at the end of this summer. I was also admitted to the Mint windows show for March. I pick up my window Sunday evening. I have a really awesome idea.... you'll have to wait to hear more about it though. Also, I took pictures today of the house that I was talking about before, the one with the deer in the yard.So when I get some more down time I'll begin work on the painting of it. Tomorrow I have to turn a pile of sticks into not ONE but TWO a grade A 3-D design project for crit on Monday. On Tuesday I'm going to see Ann Hamilton talk at the Rialto, and the Wednesday morning i get to have coffee with her in the gallery. Um ... what else.... I'm editing the book as well this weekend. I got tattooed last night by Mark Magee ( longest working tattoo artist in Atlanta) and I'll have pictures when its all healed up and pretty. Right now my arm slightly resembles battered fruit. Oh and I took Blood Lust over to the Highlander ( a hole in the wall strip mall bar) for the manager to look at to put on the wall and he said ... " is this it?".. seriously dude, see ya! Okay, I'm out. Leave me interesting things.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there

All the drawings/paintings/sketches look really good. I think you've got a lot of talent, if that means anything. I think you'll like Wales, it's beautiful there and the beer is delicious. I'm sorry to read about your cat, I've got fond memories of being annoyed with his kneading.
Hope your doing well and things are good.