Friday, February 09, 2007

moving moving moving...

Okay, so I know it's been a while since I've updated, but I've been busy as hell. First of all I was kicked out of my house, although everything is okay now, it did have an impact on my day to day life. Then the internet has been out because dear old pops forgot to pay the bill for two months in row. I've been working on the cabinet for the windows show which is March 24th, at Doo Gallery in Cabbage town. The window was really dirty when I first got it. This is what it looks like now. , only all the balck paint in the middle is scraped off. This is the fabric that will be upholstered on the inside of the cabinent.
Also, my number one choice (University of the Arts, Camberwell College of Art) for schools accepted me and I will be moving to London in mid July, as an international student I am required to take 12 weeks long, 4 hour a day english class to make sure that i speak english proficently enough to be able to communicate... Even though I am from an english speaking country. So it seems that unfortunately I wont be able to work on as much art as I normally do, at least untill I get moved. But I just noticed that they are looking for a student muralist to paint a 30x8' concave wall, and I was thinking about doing a Tom O'loughlin background style a la Pink Panther painting, so maybe I will apply. I just sent in this portrait for consideration at The Eyedrum.
Art classes at state feel like a huge waste of my time right now. I feel like it's taking time away from stuff that I would actually enjoy doing. Wednesday we spent 3 hours drawing from slides in color blocks. I was pretty much wanting to die the whole time. Anyone who has seen my watercolor work knows that color is one of my natrual gifts, so not only is it boring, but its something I already know like the back of my hand. I know its good practice, but.. I need to practice in other areas more than I do in color. Color is like that trick people use who are unable to capture attention without it, ( i.e through means of construction, line, value, texture, etc.). A good color theorist should be able to implement a limited palette with interesting relations but not so interesting as to draw away from the important part of the image, because otherwise it just looks overwhelming.
In other news, my book is has begun marketing, which is the exciting part. So maybe with luck we will find a publisher. Or it could go unpublished for like... my whole life. Which would suck, because I really want to illustrate it, and I have some exciting ideas for it.
Also next weekend I am heading to New York with Jared and we are going to have happy fun good time, and I will be sure to take lots of pictures. I can't wait! Oh and for anyone who cares, my new AIM/ ichat screen name is ovarypunchface. So if you wanna talk to me for some reason, you can. Okay? OKAY!

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